Credit Courses

  1. Understanding my Credit File
    – Giving a better insight one the payment structure for credit.
    – Explaining the importance of your credit utilization.
    – Explaining how to use your credit utilization as a tool for your credit score.
  2. How To Improve my Credit File
    – How to recover from a bad credit history.
    – How to manage a high credit balance.
    – How to manage high monthly credit payments.

Registered accounts

  1. Explaining The Different Registered Accounts
    – Giving a detailed explanation on the different registered accounts.
    – Showing the functionality of the accounts like TFSA, RRSP & FHSA.
  2. Great Ways to use the Registered Accounts
    – Explaining how you can use these different registered accounts to your advantage.
    – Giving examples of products that are best suited for the different registered accounts.


  1. How to Properly Budget
    – We give a personal course on how to properly set an affective budgeting plan.